Referrals after buying a house or selling a house

  • Mr. Robinson is especially helpful in relocating from another state or country. He has personal experience as well as industry knowledge. ..B. Jones Chicago

  • We found his tips and insight very helpful.  After reviewing our needs and requests.Buying a house was made easy.... W. Williams Raleigh

  • Mr. Robinson responded in a short time with with several listings, including homes for sale by owner.

  •  Helped me sell a home Leonard Robinson accepted the challenge of selling our house in 90 days. He focused on this task in a very professional and serious way.   He succeeded where others had failed. The end result was success!

  •   We highly recommend Leonard to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable real estate agent who will work harder and smarter that many others.

  •  We contacted Leonard Robinson almost a year ago to help us find a winter home. He acted immediately on our request and followed up regularly. From the very beginning of the process, Leonard has always been very responsive, up front, and patient. 

  • Leonard provided us remote access to a website and pointed us to many homes in various areas that met our criteria. He was knowledgeable of the communities and provided additional information when requested. Although the decision was ours to make, we greatly valued Leonards input and observations. 

  • After investigating numerous homes, my wife and I decided to delay a purchase until some time in the future. Leonard is the type of agent that you want to have representing you through this process; 

  • I would contact him again and recommend him to anyone without hesitation. 

  •  Leonard was a great help to my wife and I. Although my wife and I decided to delay our purchase, I would recommend him to any of our friends/family. He made the remote process manageable and enjoyable. He was very understanding of our decision and maintained a professional attitude throughout the process. 

  • We plan to initiate the purchase process when I retire later this year and look forward to working with Leonard again. 

  •  Leonard was always on time, professional and explained every step of my transaction to me. I have heard so many horror stories about buying/selling real estate, which was the main reason I put it off. I only wish I was referred to Leonard way back then. If you are looking for an agent who clearly loves and is good at what he does, please do yourself a favor and contact him. Thank you Leonard for making my home purchase a walk in the park • 

  • Helped me buy a home Leonard Robinson is one of the most patient and professional individuals that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He guided me with the purchase of a piece of land and help with the construction of my home. At all times he comported himself with professionalism and aplomb.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Len for many years and would trust him completely in all matters. His ability to identify the customers needs without exerting his own preferences is unparalleled. He truly listens and offers only the most sagacious advice. 

  •  As the saying goes "you are in good hands" when you deal with Len Robinson.