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Dream Concierge LLC was founded to assist busy people.  The skill set used to provide a lifestyle management company is derived from 20+ years of experience working within Fortune 500 companies.  Dream Concierge LLC was built to offer a lifestyle management service for busy people.  On average, 40 hours a week is spent at work (sometimes more, Yikes!).  2 hours  is spent in traffic to and from work daily, and 2 hours or less is spent on personal time or with others.  Where does that leave you to complete your lifestyle tasks such as errands, dry-cleaning, or even picking up lunch?  Your personal time off?  Your lunch break?   Allow Dream Concierge LLC the opportunity to give you back your time by handling those tasks.  Your personal time off is very valuable and should be spent the way you would want it to be.  How does spending your lunch break eating lunch sound?  Or your vacation time on vacation?  Dream Concierge will handle tasks such as errand running, grocery delivery, or administrative tasks for office or home life so that your time can be spent enjoying the things you love most.                                                                                                   

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